tramping signThere are networks of short tracks exploring the forest, lake shore and glacial features of both lakes. Come enjoy our world, be enchanted.

In the fifteen years we have owned and operated Nelson Lakes Motels and the Travers-Sabine Lodge we have never stopped exploring and experiencing the Park. When we first discovered Nelson Lakes National Park we were enchanted and have had a passion to share it ever since.

Richard has done a complete traverse of the St Arnaud Range from North to South, 41 ks across narrow ridges and peaks. It is the first and most northerly range that makes up our Southern Alps. In the Spring we continued our exploration by visiting new valleys and passes deep in the Park so we could pass on help and advice to those trampers that want a wee bit more.

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Explore the Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project. The wheelchair-accessible Bellbird Walk leads into Honeydew Walk. Hear korimako / bellbirds and tui on those walks.
Anglers Walk - This walk, starting from the Buller River Bridge on Mount Robert Road, leads to some good fishing spots along the northern riverbank.

There are many longer walks and alpine tramping trips. The most popular are the Travers - Sabine Circuit and the trip up to Lake Angelus, a beautiful alpine lake. In Summer these tracks are suitable for parties of average fitness and skill, in Winter more experience is required.

Please browse through the photos below of some of our tramping trips. Click on any image to go our gallery page for more great photos.

Mt. Hopeless & Sunset Saddle

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Waiau Pass, D'Urville Flats & Mt. Mahanga

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St Arnaud Range

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Lewis Pass to St Arnaud

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Tramping to Nardoo Hut & Winter in St Arnaud

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